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How We Do What We Do



How we get carpets sooooo clean

  • Greet and introduce ourselves when entering your home at the scheduled time. Mobile One employees are always uniformed and polite, we guarantee it.

  • Carefully bring our equipment into your home, install wall protectors so our hose does not scuff or harm your walls.

  • Survey the work to be done. Evaluate the condition of the carpet. Discuss any concerns you may have regarding the cleaning. Inspect stains and spots, and if possible, determine their origin. Go over with you, if possible, and inform you of what we can do and what the end results should be.

  • Carefully move your furniture if necessary. Vacuum the entire carpet, rug or upholstery that is being cleaned, this is essential to a quality cleaning.

  • Give special attention to stains and spots. We try to determine the origin of stains and select the appropriate treatment. Stains and spills are sometimes pre-treated and extracted or post treated after extraction, depending on the particular stain.. (Some stains are permanent.)

  • Move the furniture to its original spot and place protectors under the legs. Smaller pieces of furniture may be left out of the room to be returned after the carpet is completely dry, we recommend 12 hours. Normal drying time is 4-6 hours. (Heavily soiled carpet or high humidity will increase drying time.)

  • Pre-treat excessively soiled areas, giving special attention to high-use areas and walkways.

  • Mobile One uses only the highest quality non-allergenic, environmentally friendly, pH balanced cleaning solutions. Our Truck mount system gets better results, faster drying times and better air quality due to the waste going into our truck not back into your home. Our hot water truck mount extraction system is recommended and endorsed by the major carpet manufactures, assures the safe and effective cleaning of your carpet and upholstery. Don't buy into the scare tactics that others use, steam or otherwise known as hot water extraction shampooing, are the best and most effective ways to get carpets and upholstery clean. This is why the carpet industry, as a whole, recommends hot water extraction. Don't you think they know best?

  • Next we agitate and extract the heavy soil at the entrance ways, traffic lanes and high-use areas. Our system simultaneously dissolves, suspends and hot-water extracts the ground in soil and restores the carpet nap. (Wear and matting are not correctable.)

  • Protect your carpet. Our carpet cleaning products contains soil retardants that slow re-soiling and make future spots easier to remove. Scotchgard Fabric protection is also available, and highly recommended.

  • Deodorize and sanitize. Our process eliminates normal household odors in the carpet. (Note: *organic odors such as urine, vomit, mold, and mildew may require special attention and could cost extra)

  • Re inspect the carpet cleaning and retreat any remaining soiled areas.

  • Fluff the carpet and rejuvenate the nap. (We cannot replace carpet wear.)

Optional Services

  • Scotchgard Stain Protection - the best in the industry. We charge only for the areas that you need protected; it may not be necessary to stain protect the entire room.

  • Pet Stain Removal - *Organic odors require special attention. We can detect and determine the source of odors and in most cases eliminate or control the odor. Odor elimination is a science involving various factors. The areas affected can be small or large and the solution to the problem may be simple or complicated, extensive and expensive. We can help you determine whether it is cost effective to pursue odor elimination versus carpet replacement.

  • PLUS ~ Our cleaning solutions are Environmentally Friendly and People and Pet Safe.

  • We are insured, certified, and always careful and respectful.



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